25 Minutes, Standing Pose

by Juliakraus, January 25th 2019 © 2019 Juliakraus

Done as part of a 1 hour class.

My current goal is: Improve at correctly capturing the overall proportions of the human form


I have found that starting the longer poses with a gesture / line of action is extremely helpful in ensuring that I get all of the proportions correct. It can lay out a map of sorts that you can rely on when you start going into the details.

Often when we are working on a figure we naturally spend time working on one area at a time. The torso, then the limbs, then the hands or feet. That focus that we put on this can lead to those body parts being too large or too small depending on how confident we are are or how quickly we move. And I think that is some of what happened here - the head is too large and the feet are too small. And there is something that is a little off in the over all proportions in comparison to each other.

If you take each portion seperatly they work well. The limbs are correct, the torso is correct - when they are viewed as a whole they don't quite line up.

Slow down at the begining and get your line of action or gesture laid down and then lean back from your work. Compare it to the image and really LOOK at the proportions. It's SO much easier to do this when you have less invested.

Another tool that I use is a Proportional Divider

They range in price from $10 to several hundred.
For an artist the lower priced ones are perfectly good because you do not need the metal and technical lines on it.

I reccomend the ones that end in fine points they make a world of difference.


Julia, I just wanted to say I can see you like to work your drawings, there is nothing wrong with that. But when it hinders you from achieving greatness - one must use the shade carefully... BECAUSE if you blot out the sun--- they will fight in the SHADE! O(≧∇≦)O No but seriously tho, the intense shadow you got going for yourself here isn't helping your progress. Focus more on capturing the overall proportions which is your set goal! Stop copying what you see and build what you see! Shadow is easily applied after you've got the proportions and simple geometrics down.


sadly i cant see the photo to compare these to it.
How ever what i can see is, you did focus to much on the chest area, i guess you did well in captering the overall pose, what is great, youve only some proportional issues.
Like the head, its to big and its position seems to be off, to much pushed up front.
The right shoulder of her and her arm are off also, try to be more lose when you draw your lines and less doing this scratchy move and dont focus on the shadows, you did a lot of smudging but thats only a way to cover your mistakes, try next time to do no shadows and no smudging at all and only focus on anatomy and pose. Feet are to small, try to messure them with your eyes when you see them, like length of the face or shin as comparison, you did a good job with the legs and knees.
Hips seem to be off as well but only a little, its a good work over all, keep going and focus on your weak parts before you start shading.

1. Id say, watch out for not doing to big head and to small hands/feet, thats a commen problem for beginners.
2. try to messure length with your eye, compare parts to each other and angles
3. Dont do Shading/smudging until youve mastered the pose and anatomy enough, you can focus on light later.

Over all well done, keep going, you can get much better if you watch out for these.


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