by Tarja, September 6th 2019 © 2019 Tarja

I wanted to emphasize the booty. Deliberatly made it 'prominent'.

I know the calf and the hair are a bit off.


i like thebooty part and lower limb of this drawing but the upper body is a jumble of issues it looks like you are hiding things with the hair and shading because you were not happy with result. the scapula seems to be stuck in place and moving at same time andshe is missing her supraspinatus muscle. the calf is wrong because you have not drawn the semitendinosis/membranosis overlap the gastrocnemius tendons because the end of the gastrocnemius here is like the end of a bowling pin, a end which it is not, it attaches on the condyles of the femur it look like you know this but not at the same time

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