Figure Drawing 1

by Mrsnthj, October 1st 2018 © 2018 Mrsnthj

I haven't done any figure drawing in at least 15 years, , so I've just been doing some drills and trying to refresh my muscle memory a bit. Feeling rusty!


Good work! I especially like hands and face - the perspective looks just right to me on them.

The legs look a little rushed and too short for the body, but the latter may be an issue with the angle at which the photo was taken. Also, don't be embarrassed about drawing breasts - they aren't halves of a grapefruit stuck to the chest, and the nipples rarely land so centrally. While that's a bit of an exaggeration, I'd urge you to be careful not to stray in this direction.

Looks like your muscle memory is alive and kicking.


Good Work! I think you have nice curves and gesture in your linework, I normally split my figures into limbs and joints (drawn as ovals and circles connecting them) it helps me get the proprtions of arms and legs right. Nice use of shading too!


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