feet study

by Markmou, May 25th 2020 © 2020 Markmou

Done as part of 1 hour class.

My current goal is to achieve advanced anatomy linework. and a better rendering of light.

this image is 25 minutes one. As you can see the linework has been reworked a lot of times to get an ok-ish smoothness. I am looking for suggestions on improving the line strokes. also critiques on the half toon shading

Polyvios Animations

Magnificently awesome feet, markmou, but, I have one little request: Would you like to go for 5 31 second scribbles of hands & feet, if you pretty, pretty please?? And why is that??? It's because your hand/feet sketches will become even way more stronger that your last one/ones. Beseech that the next ones will be even the best around!!

Yours Truly.


Thank you Polyvios Animations for your precious feedback! Forgive me because English is my second language. Did you mean I should practice more 30 seconds shape scribbles? If so, I will do more of that and upload more of that.

Thanks again for your critique!

Polyvios Animations

Thanks, Markmou, but I really, very much meant 30s+1s=31s, not 30s, I think, if you have already. The reason why you could draw 5x31 second drawings, is because you could draw very lightest, plead earnestly that it'll work out if you do one thing for me: Go to Hands & Feet; Go to custom intervals, and then set it to 31 seconds, in the end, do those 5 sketches.


You Know Who


Understood! will do that!


I love them, I think you captured their shape very well and the way you do light looks very clean. I am no expert so take my advice with a grain of salt but I would try thinner lines, or perhaps practicing to make your lines more confident. Meaning, don't go over them multiple times. I think that will help your linework look more like how you want it to! Great job :)


Thank you Marie for your critiques! I will sure put more efforts for confident strokes and less overlayed lines :D

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