September 2020

by boneth, September 11th 2020 © 2020 boneth
Tx Williep

You like to draw cityscapes (buildings). Looks fine to me. You might try using watercolor. You could bring out details that you can not get using monochrome. It does not have to be fancy but color would add a lot to your work. Give it a try.


Thanks for the good comments. Do use watercolours but just lost the seeing the picture instead of the detail. So trying 3 to 5 minute sketches to get back, using ink and wash where there is no second chance.

Havent put up the crossed out versions! Though probably should. Will need to think about that.

thanks again


Tx Williep

Drawing buildings & watermill good. Adding color will make them stand out. Suggest you look up these 2 watercolor artists. John Lovett (Australian): he does cityscapes, landscapes, boats, & everyday things. He is very good at the things he does. Charles Reid (American): he does figures, portraits, landscapes, buildings, flowers. He has many books out that would help you. These are not the only ones but I like them very much.