September 2020

by boneth, September 11th 2020 © 2020 boneth

3 minute sketch


In the top picture it seems like the house sort of falls flat on the right side, but you have a way of simplifying lines that create a nice picture.

In the bottom picture you capture the perspective very well.


Thanks for the comments.

Got lost in the details, as so often do, so quite right that side was a bit scrappy as running out of time.

very nice comment on the perspective, thanks.


These are nice for, I'm guessing, 2-1 1/2 minute sketches. Maybe switch up the medium to willow chalk. You can get nice subtleties this way. Also use a countour. Try not to lift your pen off the paper and make it one continuous line. I know that might be hard, but you will shift to the right side of the brain this way, which is where you want to be.

Tx Williep

Very nice drawings. As I recommended before, do them with watercolor. Is the ink waterproof? If not waterproof, get pens that are waterproof. I would recommend the German Straedtler which is not expensive. Check your local art supply store or Amazon. Color would make the pictures really stand out. Two watercolor artists I would recommend you lookup: 1) John lovett (Australian) - does cityscapes, landscapes, boats, seascapes - all very colorful (he also has a website). 2. Charles Reid (American) - he does it - all figures, landscapes, buildings, portraits, flowers, many books on his art. Reids paintings are a lot losser than Lovett's. If you are drawing these pictures when you are out and about, there are small watercolor paint kits you can use. Color is where you should be heading. It may take some effort on your part, but I know you can do it.


Thanks again

I have books and videos of both artists and their techniques are very fluid and somtimes nearly impressionist. Though I have copied sort of ok, applying to my own painting they lacked the focus and feel. When I get my studio ie spare room, back I should I know try again.

Have collection of art pens, Lamy Joy, Rotring, Staedtler plus various fountain pens. Also use both water and permanent inks. Favourite is probably sepia and waterpen wash, but this just for sketch/doodle.

Think I need to chose a style and stick with it and see if it develops.


This is very nicely done!

Tx Williep

Sounds like a plan. Go for it.