September 2020

by boneth, September 11th 2020 © 2020 boneth

30 second sketch

Tx Williep

You are into characatures heads? They are good. I feel they are incomplete. Line-of-Action(LoA) has a section on drawing faces/heads. I suggest you investigate it. Also, LoA has a section on feet & Hands that I would recommend to you. You have done buildings which is fine. One of the drawings is of the Great Wall of China? Your 30-sec figures are a good start. A study of human anatomy - muscles & bone structure would be an excellent idea. No matter which way you go, this will be most helpful. All of this will not be accomplished overnight. Remember: Practice makes better.


Thanks for the comments.

Have done the anatomy and face studies and you are right they do help, but I just need to get a flow to my figures and faces so doing 30 second sketches and 3 min buildings to stop me doing details.

I used to do my LOA doodles in bars or cafes lunchtimes but since covid19 on my balcony. So quick sketches fit well. Trying to get back into watercolours a little more seriously but space restricted at present, hopefully soon though.

Still, no excuses. The idea is to get better so will keep trying.

thanks again


Tx Williep

In a figure, you need to get the connection/relationship between the parts down. Look at my figure drawing #26. Start with the head on the right. The head is in line with the elbow, knee, right leg, and foot. These all have a relationship to one another. Seeing this relationship will aid you in placing these items & drawing them. Again, start at the head. There is an arc going from the head, over the back & torso, following the left arm & left leg. Sort of like a backward "C". Once you get things/relationships worked out, the flow of the body will work itself out. Some figures require more work in this way and others not. Remember: Practice makes better.