Gesture Drawing #1

by Patszer, December 25th 2020 © 2020 Patszer

Charcoal on newsprint. I decided to take up drawing on May 2020 and I was just wondering just how bad this drawing really is. Please be honest. Thanks!


Wow - for someone with half a year of drawing experience, you seem to have a great eye for forms! Especially the forms in the back, hips and legs feel fluid and dimensional. I'd also be curious to know how long this drawing took (at a guess, about 2 minutes?). Obviously, the longer your time limit, the more time you have to spend on peripheral details like the arm (which is very loosely drawn here, and that's perfectly fine! It's not the central focus of the gesture).

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Thank you so very much for your comments Smashful! I am still quite new at drawing and I appreciate it when someone takes the time to give their opinion on my work. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

Polyvios Animations

That's showing some potential, Patszer, that's a very good sketch, cause I like it.

Still, I've got one tiniest, littlest suggestion, here: What's bad about this is, it's a bit too stiffer. Why don't you kindly do 54 more minutes of 30 second warm-ups? The reason why is because, it'll help you hand, stick, pen, or pencil to be in constant motion. And of course, if your next goal is to make your sketches less stiff, and more fluid, then go for it. For more details, please check out this video below.

I hope you'll find this completely and totally concrete and productive.


If it's practice, it's not meant to be perfect, is it? That being said, it's not terrible.

Anyways - the things I notice are: the proportions are off specifically waist and up - waist and below the legs look nice and have some 3d shape to them. Upper body presents very stiffly and without much 3d form. The lines on the back don't make sense to me. Be careful with the way you draw the neck/head because I can see the neck you drew looks oddly thin (it's an issue I have too)

I think the bottom half looks nice and captures the form and pose well. In my opinion, it would be nice if the upper half could have some of that fluidity and capture the energy as well.


Thank you Beedledee! I will focus on your comments. Thanks for being honest.

The Mils Edition

Hi Patszer,

Some exaggeration in your gesture could really bring this alive. Her back and pelvis relationship could be pushed if you created more of a C shape for the gesture. Real-life can be boring sometimes so pushing your artistic expression will bring more interest.


I agree that I should have exaggerated my lines more although I didn't realize this when I finished the drawing. Thanks for pointing this out to me. I will also practice adding exaggeration to my "C" and "S" curves as you suggested going forward.

My warmest regards,


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