Gesture Drawing #2

by Patszer, December 25th 2020 © 2020 Patszer

I actually don't know if this drawing can be considered gesture but here it is. Please don't try to spare my feelings as I already know my drawings are quite amateurish. Thanks!


Hey Patszer, you didn't specify the time of the drawing and in the future , providng more drawings can help us understand how to help better, but I'm going to assume this is 1-2 minutes because the lines look pretty fluid and fast. You've got some really good shapes in ther, especially aroudn the hip and butt, its got that rennisance feel to it however your proportions doo seem to be off, the head is a bit too small for the body and the legs are a little larger than the torso which makes the head seem even smaller. I love your approach without construction for the pose and i definitely reccomend doing more of them like this, but also to practice a more structured approach as well where you use basic forms like the bean or a box method, personally id say stray away from using ovals for basic shapes, they can be deceptive and despite being rounded can make your final even more stiff than with boxes and cylidners. Hope this helps!

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Polyvios Animations

Hey, Patszer, that is a very bold and vital sketch you got there.

Again, I feel some of the looseness and light touches of the sketch that I'm getting here. I think your shapes are getting to be a lot more organic as before. Why don't you please do 56 minutes of 31 second attitudes of life figures? The reason why you could and should do this suggestion is because, you'll be able to do more drawing organically, in terms of gestures, in terms of contour, and in terms of shapes and spaces. And if you ever want to have a go at this goal, check out this video.

It can help you out.

Hope you've found this definitely and absolutely helpful.


Thank you for your critique Polyvios. I will be increasing my figure drawing time as you suggest. It's true that I need to draw a lot more.

Have a safe and happy 2021!

Xtreme Taco Man

Patszer, this looks neat and your awareness to your skill level is admirable showing that you seek improvement...the drawing can be considered gesture since you are summarizing and showing the direction of the pose...I can see that "c" shape from the head to the upper left leg. Now to move to a more "mature" look (and this depends on what you are trying to accomplish) for the more gesture approach I recommend being more fluid and decisive with your lines by relaxing your grip and use all of your arm to make strokes. I also reccomend simplifying them more so that they can serve the idea of the pose better. Regardless of all this it is still okay to be messy at a matter a fact you can be really messy when it comes to your first few drawings as warm up to ease off tension. Studying anatomy and structure can really go a long way and your boldness shows a path to success. Patszer I wish you well on your journey and keep on drawing.


Thank you for your critique Taco Man. What you are saying makes sense. I'm going to follow your advice. Have a safe and happy 2021!

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