Figure Drawing

by Patszer, December 25th 2020 © 2020 Patszer

I decided to try shading this drawing but as you can see I failed miserably. I have been drawing for eight months now and I believe I should have improved a lot more than I have. Anyway here is another drawing. Thanks!


A lot of people make this mistake- they draw a clear-cut shape and then shade it in. This isn't how things work though. The shading and highlights create the shape, if that makes sense. This is a huge problem with how art is taught in high schools. Rather than drawing a shape and shading it in, initially focus on the shadows and use them to create a shape. This will take a lot of practice, and will at first not look great. But once you've practiced your shading skills they will drastically improve your piece. Think about it like this: the only reason we can see at all is because of light: how light reflects and absorbs, its presence and absence, our eyes use this to perceive the world around us. Use shading to create the drawing, don't add shading to the drawing as a second thought


Thank you for your critique. I appreciate you taking the time to help me improve on my drawing. Is your suggestion that I should not draw the outside shape of the figure but rather focus on capturing the light and shadow bouncing off the figure?

Polyvios Animations

Nice job on your next nude pose, Patszer, that's just excellent.

So, if I was to make an improvement, that I really like how organic your shapes and forms your figure gesture and construction in motion. Would you please like to do yet another 56 minutes of 60 second warm-up attitudes???

The reason why you could do this experiment is because, it can be extremely and practically benefical to your work if you could make your poses and ideas the least stiffest, and the most dynamic, vital, and energetic.

Hope you have found it beneficial and useful.

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