Lolling woman

by Khrononaut, February 11th 2022 © 2022 Khrononaut

I think the construction of the legs and arms looks great. The torso seems a bit to long however, and the breast is to high up which makes it look like its connected to the neck instead of under the collar bone. So maybe work on those parts. Otherwise its really well done.

Also this is my first critique, and I'm no expert, so you don't have to take this very seriously

Polyvios Animations

Good evening, Khrononaut, I'm Animations again, how are you? Great job on your forces, and the loose but tight forms, details, and proportions. Way to go and keep them up, but I've got one miniscule request. I love the gestures flowing, but it's not distorted enough. Would you please do 1 hour of 30 second attitudes, with a 5 minute break? (120 drawings with that break time)

The reason why you could and should do this miniscule suggestion is because, your looseness and lines of action will be that loose and flexible. There are millions of way we can do these sketches, let's take yours and see if we can jazz it up. For more details, be sure to look up the Bridgman book here and the Anatomy for the Artist book by Sarah Simblet right here, too.

Good luck, and cheers, good night.


The overall line of action and shading is properly shown in your drawing. I would suggest practicing drawing the angles of the wrists and hands so that they can look cohesive with the overall piece.


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