Hand Studies (1 hour class) Day 7 - 2022.11.01

by Snowyamur98, November 2nd 2022 © 2022 Snowyamur98

Day 7 of 30 for my hand studies. I wasn't in the best mood today, so my drawings for this study today will appear off and have less quality than the first 1 hour class I did on Day 5, but I focused more on getting the shape of the hand down using simplified forms and constructing it with basic shapes.

It was interesting to see how cylinders form the fingers while thinking of the palm of the hand as this flat rectangle that contains the thumb acting as a protrusion from it.

I might also do these hourly classes since they're structured better than just drawing hands of a certain length for a period of time

Cave Paint

Your work is paying off! Even with the lack of focus from a bad mood. The fingers feel like they fit the size of the palm.

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