26 new figure study images

Today we have 26 new images from Croquis Cafe. There's a delightful variety in this batch, including a range of body types and even some prop usage.

These are available immediately to all users, with or without a subscription, free of charge. :)



Comments on "26 new figure study images"

yao (unregistered visitor)

it is a good site、helpful

mafuyu (unregistered visitor)


Suse Suzerain

Thank you so much for continuing to update the site!

mallory patterson (unregistered visitor)

thank you so so so much for this website! this can help ANYONE practice, get out of art block, and warm up. much love and thanks! - mal

Nik (unregistered visitor)

Thank you for this tool it is very important and you provide a great service. I use this in my teaching

Kim - Site admin

I'm very sad to say that after less than a month, CroquisCafe opted to take these photos back down. :(

Sharyn Pak Withers (unregistered visitor)

Thank you for publicly announcing the failed plan for the Croquis Cafe photos. Croquis Cafe gave you photos months and months ago. You opted to put them up 2 weeks ago onto a sight that wasn't all that you had promised. Would you mind removing your snarky remark as well?

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