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    I made a doodle of a person and I want to know if this face actually looks like a human or something or can anything else be improved. The lips look a little big for me.

    (I know I'm asking for a critique and I was planning on posting this in the ctritique discussion but after looking through the topics posted there, I noticed that everything had something to do with Line of Action poses and gestures. So, since this is not a lesson from this site, I just posted this here in fear that I might be breaking their discussion group or something.)

    Thanks everyone! :)

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    Hi! Looking at your photos and this drawing looks very human! For the lips, I think the size is fine but I think the mouth is little small? I've heard that the ends of the mouth should line up with the center of the eyes. The portion of the face under the nose is also a little small and should be a bit longer and the forehead area a bit shorter. But that's about all the things I could notice.


    It looks human! A recognizable one too! Some of the details are a little exaggerated, which might be intentional, but it looks like you just drew this with ballpoints with no guiding lines, so its impressive what you accomplished.

    If you think the lips look a little big, its kind of hard to adjust at this point. I think a bigger problem is that the upper lip might be over shaded. Once againt, very difficult to nail with just a ball point, unless you've really figured out shading with cross hatching or other techniques. For a quick sketch, lines inidicating the form might have been the better choice, but doodles are about exploring style, so don't be afraid to experiment. Look simple sketches of your favorite artists and try to copy their stuff. (the key part there is SIMPLE SKETCHES. Inked or colored drawings often have techniques that aren't possible with pen and paper)

    I was going ask why you were sharing a doodle rather than a study, but then I remembered that sometimes we struggle to really nail studies, but our doodles land on the page and we feel like we drew like Picasso. When we try to recreate our drawing, like say on white paper without blue lines, it never comes out right. So let me tell you what I think you managed to nail with this doodle, so you can recreate it again.

    The placement of the facial features really work and those quick little lines to indicate bags really help hold the whole face together and not have the Mr Potato head effect some begginer faces can have. You also avoided one of the biggest pitfalls of begginer artists by drawing the pupils of the eyes as a solid(ish) black, letting the sketchiness hide the lack of detail. We very rarely consciously see every detail of the eye of other people, so when the eyes of a face have way more detail than any other part, the figure looks alien. Great work there.

    You could have definitely worked on the hair a little more, but the shape of it is still recognizable underneath the squiggly lines. The shape of the hair should be established before doing any more detailed work, so your doodled hair still works enough to not ruin the rest of the face.

    WOuld love to see you try and draw a whole head next time! Ears and everything! The 3d effect of the outline of the jaw is kind of muddled by the crop, so it looks a little flatter than intended. Keep up the doodling, and try to capture the magic on a piece of blank paper!


    Thanks for all the comments and critiques. I did not know this place was strictly for studies. I will do better and post what's necessary. Thanks anyway! :)


    Well, Lanky Doodles, it looks like you're having fun or seems like you're having lots of fun making doodles of faces and expressions from memory and imagination, but where are your figure poses? Would you love to go for trying out our interactive tutorial in drawing gestures?

    So, if you go for drawing in our tutorial, then when it comes to drawing figures from life, but with gesture drawing in general, then you're back to square one! There you'll find out how to record flow and fluidity to your pictures, not to mention using forms to retain the spontaneity of your drawings. For most details, please look into some gesture drawings from all your favorite artists, designers, cartoonists, and animators. Good luck to you!😉😉😉

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