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    Hi, this is my first time on the site so if you have tips on ways to practice i would love to hear it!

    also i made 4 drawings ( 5 minutes each ) using the hand's and feet's section, realistc drawing is not my tipe of drawing ( i'm more on the semi-realistic spectrum, well, more semi than realistic... ) but i think that i made a good job, i dunno...

    Sorry for the qualitty, my phone have a pretty bad camera

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    I like that you drawings feel 3D, even without much detail. It feels like you might be having some issues with proportions, though, especially on the grabbing hand; there doesn't seem to be much distance at all between the fingers and wrist. I find it easier to check my proportions when they're drawn as simplified shapes first, though this can be really hard to do in short amounts of time! In the end, I've found that the trial-and-error of lots and lots of practice is a pretty good way to get it down.

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