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    When I do 30 or 60-second figures, they usually come out pretty well.

    But there's a huge drop in quality when it comes to 5 or 10 minute timers; everything I do looks worse, and I frequently find myself not being able to draw the figure as accurately as I can with those shorter times. I also tend to finish before the timer runs out, regardless of how quickly or slowly I work, and I'm frustrated. These look bad; the proportions are always worse, and parts are often completely misplaced. Trying to fill in the details also makes my figures completely unreadable.

    How do I manage this?

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    Well dude, without examples, I just have to make guesses, but its not an uncommon problem.

    Since 30-60 drawings are quicker to do, chances are you've just had way more practice with them. You have a good technique for drawing recognizable bodies at that point. But that technique may not be translatable to longer drawings. If you draw like I used to draw, you might use a ton of sketchy lines to quickly draw the figure, just scratching out the lines until you get one that works and devoloping from there. This technique works OKAY for gesture, especially to get you out of a funk, but those extra lines make it really really hard to develope the figure past 30-60 seconds. Its why your little details might not be showing very well.

    The other approach you may be doing is just slowing down too much, trying to aim for accuracy instead of speed and concentrating for too long on one body part without consideration for the rest of the body. THis can happen way easier than you think; 5 minutes feels like a million years after the short rounds, but the time slips away if you concetrate to hard on lets say the leg. In the first minute, you should have a rough idea on paper where the legs and arms go. Even a line or a little dot can help. Don't over remder one part of the body unless thats the focus for you study that day.

    Finally, give yourself a little lee way. These are STUDIES. Every piece you make doesn't have to look good you just have to LEARN something from it. So look at those 5-10 drawings you don't like, appreciate the parts that do work and acknowledge the parts that don't. Learn to adjust your technique a little next time.

    My advice for your next practice, maybe try a different approach to your gestures if the lines you use are too busy. If you have to make it simpler, thats okay, a well drawn stick figure can be a very effective learning tool.


    Hello and welcome to LOA, Icouldntthinkofaname. I'm Polyvios, and how are you doing this day?

    Say, I think your quickest sketches done between 30s-60s are a bit most accurate but quickest for my tastes, despite not yet finding your Imgur to post your image links to showcase these drawings and more. I feel that, I personally agree with your assessment with your drawings done between 5 mintues-10 minutes or longer seem, in my mind, a lot farthest too scribbliest in the most rushed in my mind, in comparison to your 30-60 sec quickest sketches, therefore, how would you like to be your most nicest to yourself in drawing out pictures and figures, from the shortest to the longest to your time limits. Furthermore, how would you like to stay your longest in your comfort zone?

    Therefore, please help yourself to opening up your Imgur account. So that I can see your drawings.

    As a result, if you like to stay your longest time to your comfort zone, then you can have plenty of time, energy, and resources to perfect your sweetest spot, until you feel like you've really mastered it, until the others can and will become most second nature to you, really. And if you wanna see more of what I mean, then I recommend watching this video down below there.👇

    And if you need a greatest sidebar, here's another one on comfort zones.

    But please take this most serious caveat, if you stay in your comfort, therefore not taking action, then you can get to be the most bored out of your mind and hands.

    Please take these with the teeny-weeniest grain of salt and pepper.

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