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    I have been using line of action for a while, and greatly appreciate the service. I have been using a wide range of times lately, especially with faces, as I would like to have a little experience drawing faces quickly for eventually drawing people in the wild, who may not be sitting still for longer than a moment or two.

    To this effect I was wondering if it would be possible to add a variable timer option to the site, that either takes a range of values (in seconds), or a specific set of times, and then randomizes the time of each image based either on that range or array. I think this would be helpful as a way of reinforcing the ‘procedure’ of drawing under a timer, starting with gesture and moving into finer lines. I find when I know for certain how much time I have, I can get into a rhythm of doing specific things, in a specific order to fit into that amount of time, which may not always be the best way of presenting it. If times could be randomized, I think it could be helpful to break up that habit of falling into too much of a rhythm with gesture (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and I like being in a rhythm when doing certain gestures, but wouldn’t mind the added versatility of not knowing how much time you’re going to have).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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