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    Hi everyone. I suppose it's a pretty newbie question - but how do you guys practice quick poses from this site in a photoshop? Like any time I would need to look at a photo I'm drawing from I have to minimize the program. Any advice?

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    Hi, if you are using windows, you can snap the Photoshop window to the right side of the screen and the line of action tab to the right.


    Been a couple weeks since this question, I just want to add my 2 cents.

    I use Clip Studio Paint but I encountered this difficulty as well. The solution for me is to use "Auto Actions", I'm sure there's a similar feature (may be called differently) in Photoshop! My Auto Action is: "Hide Current Layer" and "Create New Layer", and I set it to a keyboard shortcut of my choosing (Ctrl+Alt+L).

    I did the same as what Jetlixarts suggested, where LoA is snapped to the left side of my screen and CSP in on the right. Easier if you have dual monitors. Then I let LoA go through the pose changes every 30 seconds, and I only need to press my shortcut without needing to switch tabs and click a bunch of stuff.

    I hope this helps someone!


    Well, I have an iPad Pro with Adobe Fresco and Procreate, along with a Huion Kamvas and Adobe Photoshop 2023. I think and feel that they COULD help me out. How about all of you?

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