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    Hi Everyone! Hungarian is my first language, so pardon my English.
    Currently my goal is to make my drawings more fluid and dynamic.

    Here are my most recent gesture drawings:

    The first 5 images have 2 minute gestures of figures and animals. On the last 3 images i drawn the animals from imagination and i tried to push the poses to be really fluid and to have some rhythm, but I still find most of these drawings somewhat stiff and rigid.

    Any opinions, tips or criticism is appriciated!

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    Good morning, Zsomi, and welcome to Line of Action, I'm Polyvios, and how are you?

    Nicer job on your range of animal and figure motions, edges, and spaces. Very greater, but keep up the great work. Still, they all don't seem a bit too looser and too livelier yet. How would you like to loosen up and lighten up your lines of action with 5 minutes of 1 minute poses and animals? All drawn from memory, to help you develop and refine your muscle memory (myelin)??

    The logic behind this criticism is because (no offence on that criticism work) your lines of action and rhythm will become lesser than stilted and the most convicted and clearer in your lines of rhythm and tempo in all of your gestures of any and every person or beast. If that helps, then how would you please pick a photo of any figure or critter, and draw it 5 times in a row, with 5 different time limits? The arguement is as a result, your memory drawings will become the more spontaneous and livelier, even if you have to do lots of blind contours of anything and everything.

    Let's hope they've helped, and have a nicer day.


    Thank you Polyvios! I will definitly give it a try.


    It looks like you practice and like what you draw!. This is beautifully put, smooth outlines, no hairy traces and very clean. Shows a very well developed tecnique you been acquiring. Besides shows no fear at the time to do your lines and circles. I see for the part of the fox, running motion is the one that looks the most still of all foxes, and it seems to be a pattern with other animals drawn until the long lines of the last picture, perhaps try doing that more, only lines like those, without a form, that could help you to make more smooth movement when drawing the full form, understanding the mechanics of base. For me, when time to do the movements for animal and people is useful to see, muscular people to really see where the muscles tighten with a certain motion or what muscles disappear for others to show so it can work the pose, same with animals, documentaries, etc. Good luck!, this is very impressive, graceful movements in beautiful animals, and motion in person looks very soft, this is a minor improve in already pretty drawings.


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