Privacy Policy

We will never sell or distribute your email address without your consent. However, by using the site, you agree to receive occasional communications from us regarding our service and/or your account. For example, if there is some question as to the ownership of your account, we may contact you to sort out the matter.

Any information we collect about you shall be used in a manner in keeping with the spirit in which the information was provided. For example, if you enter biographical information about yourself on your profile, that information shall be displayed to other users when they visit your profile. If might also be published on or off the site if you agree to be part of a student spotlight, so that other artists can learn about you. The information will never be sold to a third party for their evil data-mining use.

In order to identify you on our site, logging in requires that you allow us to place a “cookie” in your browser’s cache. In addition, third party advertisers may also place and read cookies on your browser, or use web beacons to collect information about who is seeing their ads. This is standard to almost any site you visit on the interweb that serves ads.

You may also want to review the site terms and conditions.