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Our drawing tools are forever free for art students around the globe, but there is a cost associated with providing and improving them.

If you’re a truly broke student, don’t worry about it. It’s our gift to you. You’ll pay it forward later. But if you find yourself gainfully employed, consider donating to help keep these resources available for everyone.

Please be advised that contributions to Line of Action are not tax deductible.

Support Line of Action

Your contribution will go toward the hosting, maintenance and development of the drawing tools, and if there’s enough left over, we’ll use it on photo shoots to expand our study collection!

Personal Info

Donation Total: $10

If you’d prefer not to give directly, you can have a portion of your next purchase sent to us by beginning your next shopping trip by clicking one of the recommended books in the other resources section. Once you’re there, you can purchase anything and still have it credited to us.

Need more info on how we plan to use the money?

Sure thing!

Hosting can be expensive. The programming to maintain and expand the tools can be expensive. And photoshoots can be super expensive!

The money gets spent in the following order:

  1. Hosting and other basic costs of keeping the site in existence
  2. A stipend for our hard working forum moderators
  3. Programming for tool maintenance and improvements.
  4. If there’s ever enough of a surplus over our basic operating costs, we can commission new photos for the tools, allowing us to expand the diversity of our study collection, and to get closer to cutting through the snarl of licensing agreements which makes creating alternate formats such as a mobile phone app difficult.

Our promise to you

The on-site versions of these tools will remain free forever. Although there may be fees associated with alternate formats that may be created in future, such as an app version or printed materials, I know many of you are students or bootstrapping artists, and we’ll do our best to keep all the tools as fair and as affordable as possible.

Thank you for your support. We know that for many of you, a few dollars is a major contribution, and we deeply appreciate your emotional and monetary support.