The Next Evolution of Line of Action

The Next Evolution of Line of Action

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We need your help. If everyone visiting this site contributed just $1, all our goal levels would be fully funded in less than a week!

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Line of Action had humble beginnings, starting as a simple practice tool I built for myself to keep practicing after graduating from college. I told a few friends contibabout it, and they told a few friends — and now the site has grown into a global community, visited by 31,000 people each week from 158 countries around the world.

I have received letters from major universities telling me that these tools are now incorporated into their official curriculum, and I have received letters from individuals saying that they live in countries where attending an art class with a live, nude model could mean being charged with a major crime, and that this site has granted them their first opportunity to experience a figure study class.

It’s an awe-inspiring and wonderful feeling to know that Line of Action has changed so many lives around the world. I have recently made major life changes so that I am able to give beautiful projects like this one the time and attention they deserve, so that people like you, in every nation, can grow in their art practice. You’ve already felt the benefits!

Now I’m asking for your help: Be part of the next evolution of Line of Action! We are expanding the site to make more possible and to give you more support in reaching your artistic goals.

Upcoming new membership features:

  • Optional “in-class” drawing tutorials.
  • Goal setting, progress tracking and achievements.
  • The ability to immediately upload your work to the site after a Line of Action practice session, and optionally submit those drawings for critique with just a few clicks.
  • User profiles where you can store, categorize and display your artwork for the Line of Action community.
  • Optional “professional” portfolios where you can showcase your best work to potential employers or commissioners.
  • More practice photos!!!
  • More detailed pose selection when setting up yor practice sessions – go beyond just male or female and choose sitting, running, dancing, jumping, and more.
  • The possibility of feedback on your Line of Action practice drawings from real life university art professors!
  • … and more!

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Our mission is still to support art students around the world in their daily practice goals even as the site grows into something that can support itself and support regular updates and improvements, so the existing practice tools you know and love will continue to exist, free of charge. I understand that sometimes, money is tight for students. However, if you are in a position to be part of this, please contribute to this funding drive and be a part of expanding Line of Action!

Your buy-in makes all the programming and photo shoots possible that will take our community to the next level.

Backer rewards:

  • $1 and up: 3 months of paid membership when the new features launch (redeemable once.)
  • $5 and up: 6 months of paid membership when the new features launch (redeemable once.)
  • $15 and up: 9 months of paid membership when the new features launch (redeemable once.)
  • $25 and up: 12 months of paid membership when the new features launch (redeemable once.)
  • $50 and up: Everything from the $20 tier, and you get to request a specific pose to be shot in our next live model photo shoot (some restrictions apply.)
  • $100 and up: Everything from the $50 tier, and a Line of Action tote bag to carry all your art supplies in.
  • $200 and up: Everything from the $100 tier, and 3 months of advertisement placements in our sidebar (some restrictions apply.)

Funding levels

  • $10,000 – Programming begins on the new site membership features! We anticipate opening this section of the site for business approximately 2 months after work begins.
  • $15,000 – 2 new full body photo shoots with a range of diversity in model ethnicity, age and body-type are scheduled.
  • $20,000 – Professional profiles added to the site for members, to show off your work to potential employers and commissioners with absolutely no need for coding. A new hands/feet photoshoot and a faces/expressions photoshoot will be scheduled, with a range of diversity in model ethnicity, age and body-type.
  • $30,000 – Real life university art professors brought in to critique member’s practice sketches and offer helpful feedback and guidance.

Contribute now!

Whether you are able to contribute to Line of Action or not, make sure to share this page!

12 thoughts on “The Next Evolution of Line of Action

  1. Will this also improve site loading speeds?

    I’ve noticed it can take up to 30 seconds to load a page at times, and I know it’s not my internet connection or computer.

    • It definitely should, yes. That’s been a big frustration of mine as well… The site is under more demand than ever, and needs upgrades and a hosting move to handle all of you. :)

    • Hi Alex,

      Contributing $25 will give your account 12 months of membership. After 12 months of your membership going live, your membership will expire. You will have to repurchase it when it does if you want to continue using the perks.

      I hope that clears it up!

    • Like Sanne said, we don’t have that yet, but I’ll definitely review and see if that’s something we can add at one of the tiers. :)

  2. Maybe you could add an option for people to add their own photos for studying? That way you could build a photo stock library where photos of course would vary in quality, but there’d be a big diversity in images (Of course they’d get reviewed before being added).

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