by Alex O3930, May 27th 2023 © 2023 Alex O3930

This is Aria. (I already know the crying one is bad I messed up with the markers lol.) the description isn't finished.

Polyvios Animations

Hello once more, Alex O, and far than nicer job on your character inspirational rendering of your OC(Original Character). Nicer job on your simpler turnaround, but nicest job on your faces and expressions for your Aria. Please keep up the awesomest work, however the poses and attitudes most all seem too stilted but self-conscious in terms of your basic execution. Please would you kindly loosen up your graphic gestures and shapes with 6 minutes of 29 second scribbles to warm up with our custom timer or custom session(practically 12 scribbles), and a 5 minute chaser drawing of a figure study, all just to help you absolutely free up your acting sketches, but you could and should take a figure drawing pose from your last session, only drawing your Aria in that pose? (You can please just bear with me that they can help you draw functional storytelling drawings)

The logical reason behind this.

So, first of all, is to help you expand yet diversify your visual archive and library, and second of all, to help yourself develop that soon-to-be natural skill of drawing more lighter lines in pencil, pen, or any other sketching tool, but it can and will help you explore your knowledge of cartooning, caricatures, and illustrations to help you prove a point with the character you want to communicate. But wait, there's more!:

For more of what I mean about gesture drawing for animation, art, and cartooning, kindly look into a PDF of this. It's Glen Vilppu's Drawing Manual, therefore it could and would give you the clearer explanations on the uses of quick sketching for visual narrative possibilities. But wait, there's more?:

For if you really wanna expand your boldest and powerful range of communication, please be sure to pick up a Kindle of the 2 Drawn to Life books by Walt Stanchfield.

But that's not ALL??! For even most daring influences and inspiration, please look into a link of Alex Kirwan's Instagram here from one of his posts. Once you click on that link above, you'll be blown away from that vital, energetic, and appealing use of gesture drawing from this most excellent design sketch, which is from Disney TV's Ghost and Molly McGee.

How would you like to take these with the most smallest grain of salt. Hope these helped and benefited you the best.

Tanishq Draws

Study live sketching


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