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    I have trouble with defining people's features. It sometimes feels like I'm drawing a face but I can't incorporate any features in them. Does anybody have tips for this?

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    Could you link some photos and specify what features you're having difficulty with? Is it that you're not able to place the features in the right place, or there's not enough space to put in all the features, or that you can't construct the features correctly?


    Thanks for your first attempt at starting off this conversation, Lanky Doodle2003. I'm looking for your first and recent drawings that you're working on. Please share us your images of your faces and expressions drawings on Imgur. Thank you.


    Here are a couple of tips if you are drawing from a model:
    -Think of the eyes, mouth, nose, etc. as different shapes, and not as parts of the face that you know.
    -Take a break for a couple of minutes and watch something else. After the break, you will see the drawing with new eyes and find the mistakes.
    -Correct the drawing as many times as necessary.
    -Don't count the time spent.


    Here is a photo of my model. I got this from a movie of his (It would be nice if you can guess just to see if I got the face right). My usual problems are the eyes (I draw them too big sometimes), the cheek and cheekbones (I can't define this part of the features the most), The nose is also a problem (I'm trying to get this right), I guess I'm doing okay with the mouth but drawing the lips is what gets me sometimes. I guess, it's basically everything. This is my beloved progress so far.


    Thanks for posting the photo! Looks great so far. I don't have the skills to critique the specific facial features you're talking about but maybe check out these Proko videos that cover what you're talking about? Playlist of Head Angles (helpful for proportions) Playlist of Facial Features


    Say, Lanky, thanks for posting your photo of your celebrity head sketch progress so far, but, doesn't this guy kinda look like the late Chris Farley? Therefore, I think your control and the understanding of facial perceptions of edges, spaces, and relationships (proportions and angles) and ultimately on the right track, but I feel that their forces(or lines of action and rhythm) could use a bit more fluidity and flow, but how would you like to stretch and squash your faces of Chris or whoever that is, with 5 minutes of 30 second face sketches, along with those previous two playlists mentioned here? Heads from Any Angle and Facial Features.

    Although you can continue your facial constructions from here on in, but you can also enjoy the process of warming up your marks and lines and edges, with fluidity of facial expressions and features. These two links are all from YouTube's Proko. Thanks and hope they've been utterly and totally helpful, informative, and therefore, encouraging.


    The guy I drew was actually Alfred Molina (this was from the movie An Education) but thank you for the replies, advice, and help! I greatly appreciate them :D


    FOr the record, i could tell it was Alfred Molina. Been watching lots of Spiderman lately, and he's unmistakable.

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