Moving forward...not at great speed but I do see progress.

by Jrearley, February 15th 2022 © 2022 Jrearley

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: I don't know! I am an absolute beginner; I'm here to study the basics of rendering


Nice line work maybe try to practice the face proportions but still looks good!

Polyvios Animations

Hello and good evening, jrearley, how are you doing? Great job on your rendering of the likeness of this face above there. Not bad for your first ever face. My smallest recommendation is that though your lines and shapes are getting mostly there, but your lines are too itchiest and scratchiest. Would you like to be the boldest and fearless with your perception of edges with a 5 minute blind contour of an expression, if you please?

The reason is because of one of the following reasons: it can help you tune into your observations of your models, especially your facial expressions. For more inspiration, be sure to check out this vid, here:

Hope this one has been tremendously useful and encouraging. Good luck practicing and happy sketching.