Book images fail to load/not showing up correctly

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    This has probably existed for a while, but I thought to bring this problem up. I like this website for its simple design and very easy navigation, but seeing "failed to load" image icons for books sucks for a website with a design this clean.

    Does this happen with other users? If so, I think it would be great if the images loaded properly. Not a priority issue over making sure the website stays up and the Study tools work as intended, but this is an insignificant thing that makes a difference for the quality of the website's home page and bookstore page.

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    Thanks, Snowyarmur, but maybe this has to do with your privacy apps blocking all of your book image links to Amazon. If you wanna see them again, please be sure to turn off the blocker any time. Trust me, it works every time.


    Got it, thanks


    I really appreciate your kind words! As Poly implied, those book images are hosted by Amazon. If Amazon has an outage, or if you are blocking Amazon, they tend to go down much more often than I'd like. Maybe I will see if I can rest control of those images back from Amazon; they tend to be a bit territorial about that sort of thing, but you're right that it's quite annoying.

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