Comprensión más profunda de la anatomía

Comprensión más profunda de la anatomía: Animal leg anatomy cheat sheet

We've spoken before about that oh-so common artist's mistake of believing that some animals have "backwards knees." But in that original post, we only discussed "digitigrades." Digitigrades are animals that walk on their toes, with the "sole" of their feet off the ground, like cats and dogs -- this leads to the common myth that they have "backwards knees," as their ankles are easily mistaken for knees... Seguir leyendo

Comprensión más profunda de la anatomía: Digitigrade animals don’t have “backward knees”

Today, I'd like to address one of the most common mistakes that new or young artists make when they start drawing animals: "Backward knee" syndrome. This is one simple tip, but if you haven't discovered it yet, it's going to make a world of difference. "Digitigrade" is an animal that walks on its digits, or toes. digitigrade animals include canines, felines, elephants, birds, dinosaurs and more. Humans,... Seguir leyendo

Comprensión más profunda de la anatomía: Drawing realistic mouths

Someone recently shared this photoshop tutorial with me about "drawing realistic mouths". As impressive as the digital techniques they showcased were, I thought it could also serve as a wonderful illustration of facial anatomy. Watch the tutorial, then meet me below the embedded video for some discussion of the lessons we can take from it. The mouth... Seguir leyendo