Can someone tell me how is this image supposed to be symplified?

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    Hi, i was wandering how can this one image cause me so much problems. I don't have a good relationship with static poses and this one is on a whole other level. I would prefer if someone could draw it and tell me how they did it.


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    Hello, Idon'tknow. How are you doing tonight? You know, I just want you to chill out 🙏, and the reason why is because, you wouldn't and couldn't be afraid of drawing some of the most complicated of the poses, despite their static feeling. You know, I've learned that one of the greatest ways to draw the static poses is that you can and will exaggerate the slightest assymetries in the poses, then you can tighten it up with the extremely vertical line for balance.To answer your question, kindly click here.

    The reason why I've posted this link here is because , let's just get this out of the way, simply, drawovers, see? I don't think that you need to worry about the most complicated anatomies and wrinkles too much. All you really need to focus on is the longest and giant lines and shapes to capture the spirit of the pose, you see?? So, for even most details, please scope this video.


    Thanks for asking. Enjoy yourself.


    OK, here is my attempt:

    My thought process was:

    #1: Ugh, the way he pulls his shirt around turns it almost into a giant quadrangle, that covers half of his body. Cool, half of the drawing done already.

    #2: Making the legs curvy would be a nice contrast to the straight lines of the shirt. Hmm, I saw this abstraction of legs from the front with the double-wave somewhere on youtube, I guess it could fit here well. Idk is emphasizing simplifying, so let's do a bit line economy bingo... 31 lines for both legs, that's ok-ish.

    #3. Add the hands and the bit of the head.

    #4: Add a bit of hatching to make it look less flat in spite of all the big empty shapes.

    This is one way of simplifying the pose.

    Edit: Looking at it after publishing I realized, that I didn't really check the relations between the masses. The way he pulls the shirt up in my version would have actually covered the entire head, so I could have saved those lines, too, and it would have looked anatomically more correct. Alternatively, if I wanted to keep the head, I should have been a bit more subdued with the shirt rectangular and made sure, that it didn't rise too high above the shoulders./Edit

    A more radical approach could look like this:

    just portray the most eyecatching-feature, the rectangular-ish shirt, and stickfigure the rest. It certainly is simplified as heck, and no one mentioned pretty.


    Hi i d'ont know

    Although I am not that proficient I try to give my two cents. Maybe an amateurs perspective is also helpfull to you.


    I try to avoid reference when I think the photo allready looks kind of goofy (I am a bit of a chicken)... Or I give myself the benefit of freedom/doubt.... Meaning when the original looks weird, I am fine when my drawing has the feeling of beeing weird as well...


    With that out if the way ... I had some time in the train so here are my thoughts and methodes/solutions...

    If I cant' read a picture, I performe kind of a small study... drawing a "skeleton" (lines with connecting circles) and later map forms on to it...

    So I (try to) imagine the dude without the shirt... Put that shirt in the drawing there at the end...

    By using forms (triangles, cones, blocks..) I try to draw kind of a low-polygon model of the scene... When i believe I understand the scene/pose I try again, more relaxed and draw what I now believe is the flow and posture with relaxed lines ...

    So it more or less works for me ... Not allways

    Here my drawing....

    My problem is often that I can't combine the more methodic approach with simple forms and carefull placement and the flow of line of action and drawing with clear confident lines...

    Here it is in my opinion where the expirience and routine comes into place ... Thats why I often make multiple versions of the same image. To get it into my unconcious memory.

    Hope that helped you in sone way.

    Best regards


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