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    Hello. I drew three hands in two minutes. My goal is to draw structurally, but I have a long way to go. I draw the big shapes first, but when I draw the details, they are off. I would be very happy if you could give me a critique. Have a nice day :D

    Is my way of sending links correct?

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    The hands look good, their 3-D structure works in perspective, and the anatomy is convincing.

    I have no silver bullet to the problem you are describing, mostly because I suffer very much from the same problem.

    I believe it stems from "meassuring", i.e. comparing the relations and proportions of everything that is already drawn to itself and the reference. The more details are added, the more relations become visible, and suddenly proportions that looked right a few strokes ago start to look off, because the relations to the latest detail no longer match.

    I hope it gets better with experience. If I am frustrated about, say, the distance between eye and ear often enough, I'll start to pay more attention to that specific relation while planning my lines. Deciding after the fact, whether the eye or the ear is placed wrong, or too big, or too small, or if its really the fault of the cheekbone, that I indicated in between and that made the conundrum obvious, is quite frustrating, and takes me out of the flow a lot.

    If everyone else has a better answer to your problem, I'll be the first one to try it out.

    BTW, links work well, no problem.


    I was very depressed, but you made me feel better.

    Measurement is very difficult. I'm convinced of your way of thinking. I will try to be more careful next time. I hope I will get better with more experience. I would also like to find a special remedy. I am sure there are other people besides us who are suffering from this problem.

    Thank you so much!


    Woah! Those are the greatest display of promise and potential I've seen today. Great job on your gestures, edges and spaces of the figures you've quickly sketched. And, I feel that you've sent out that link just right-I think you did.

    I've got one tiniest, llttlest and small criticism for you, regarding on that half-nude's right arm. I feels a bit just right, but it stll looks like it's a bit too longer in relationship with rest of the body, but otherwise, you have really still got it. Would you please carve out the proportions of the whole body, while retaining the guts and spark of the quickest sketch? (all in 2 5-minute sketches, just to help you out on your goal, of taking your time)

    The reasoning is, as long as you just follow through, then you're forms will become the most solidly constructed proportions and angles so far, so great.

    Here's this tutorial, but I know it's geared towards drawn animators, but still applicable to artists in general.

    Hope this helps.


    Thank you, Polyvious! I'm very happy.

    Your criticism is accurate. The half-nude right arm was too long. I drew out 3 full body proportions. Would you like the same model/pose as before? Unfortunately, I don't know where to find the pictures.

    Thank you for sending me the tutorial! I learned that I should change the details if necessary. Also, the importance of drawing a large shape first.

    I can't read English. I am using a translation site. I am very sorry that I cannot understand all your words. I wish I could understand your words. Please let me know if my words and understanding are wrong.

    Translated with (free version)

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    I looked at your drawings and they looked fine. Hands and feet could use some study and practice. I really could not tell but are you using a stick figure to start your works. If so, you should continue using it. If not, I would recommend that you start with a stick figure to get everything lined up in your figure. With Practice (experience), you will find your work will get better. Recommend you date your works so you can look back to see how you have progressed.


    Thank you, Tx Williep!
    I am starting my work with stick figures. I'm going to keep doing that.
    I will keep practicing, hoping to get better. I will try to remember to write the date on my work as you suggested (I may forget very rarely)


    Whatever you're doing is the right way to do it, keep it up.


    Thanks, Joey The Drawing Giant!
    I'll continue.

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