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    so...i really need some critique of other people. idk, i just feel like i'm not seeing my own mistakes. Thanks for all!! :) (these are all veeeeery messed up, i know haha)

    here the link to my tumblr blog!! (post only w pictures of my studies)


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    Hello and good afternoon, Nesquikoyomilk, and welcome. How are you doing today? You know, despite seeing your figure drawings rotated in the wrong orientation, I think you're doing a greater job on your constructions, lines of action, and of course, the vigor in your gestures. Keep up the great work.

    However, if you really want some more constructive criticism, I think that these figures don't look too recognizable, but their line quality and flow of the poses seem too rigider to me yet. Therefore, please be more concrete on photographing your figure sketches, like for example, when your figures are in the landscape format, you photograph them as so, but when in portrait, you shoot in portrait, but while you're at it, please loosen yourself up with 5 minutes of 30 second poses with either elbow and shoulder.

    The real argument behind these two suggestions is because, your figure sketches and any sketches can and will become more recognizable to the average art peer, but, your lines of action can and will and must become less rigider and less stilted, but more gutsier, bolder, and more energetic in terms of your expression and exaggerations. So, for more info and tricks, please pick up a free PDF of The Walt Stanchfield Series, Drawn to Life, on

    Let's hope they've helped and supported you for the better.

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    My impression of those sketches: You draw very methodically, starting from a good foundation of the body, developing very clean and beautiful lines.

    Your question about finding your mistakes: I think your "mistake" might be, that you long reached a plateau that allows you to be very comfortable in what you do. Which isn't bad, it keeps building confidence in your drawings, which shows in your lines. But if you want to push beyond that, it is up to you to raise the bar, to find challenges, that you aren't comfortable with yet, to actually dare making mistakes again.

    I could brainstorm a bit about typical challenges you could try:

    -Explore longer drawings, including shading and possibly hatching could be an idea.

    -Test your foundations by drawing the same pose you see on your reference, but from different angles, that you have to construct in your imagination.

    -Try to stylize your figures by expressing the same with even fewer lines..


    These are just challenges that came to my mind, because I personally want to explore them in future, there must be many more, and which ones you chose will be very much informed by your identity and expression as an artist. You will have to trust your own curiosity to lead you away from safe havens.

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    how did you do that?


    I mean that, what did you learn to you to reach that level? besides telling me practice


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