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    So, I've been on here on and off for about a year but I've never posted anything so I thought I would give it a try!

    Lately I've been drawing a lot of faces and I was wondering if I could get any critique on them. I've been working on likeness (like, making it look like the person if that make sense? ) but I know that's a bit hard to tell if you don't know who I'm drawing, so along with my most recent drawings I also have drawings of the actors from The Mentalist (the second image), you can look up what they look like if that helps. That being said, you're more than welcome to give critique/tips on things other than concerning likeness, that's just what I'm focusing on at the moment. Thanks in advance!

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    Break the face into simple shapes before adding the eyes, lips and noses. Try the Loomis method.

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    I'm think you're getting off to a great start, Buggi, and I feel that the basic facial construction could use a bit more life and energy. Would you like to loosen and liven up your lines, shapes, and spaces with 10 minutes of 2 minute faces and expressions, all flipped vertically?

    The reason why you would do this little drawing tip is as a result, you'll tap yourself more into your creative side of the brain, but to help you get better in your drawn observations and caricatures of facial expressions, except to make your faces and facial features a lot more fluid and vital. For more information, kindly look into Drawing from the Artist Within and Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Dr. B. Edwards. Good luck to you and your march of progress.


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