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    I'm currently a student of animation and I'm trying to get into line of action and dynamic poses. I feel like I'm just....lacking life. So if I can get any tips, that'd be great!

    These are only 60 second drawings but that should definitely be enough time for me to get energy into my poses.

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    Hey Kazzyschemes, your image is so small its hard to see anything. From what I can see you're not building on the line of action - I recommend you do some 30 second poses just taking down the line of action. Before putting pencil to paper think: What line would this pose best be represented as.

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    Thank you, it is a little small! I've always struggled with the line of action itself, I guess it's something I need to train my eye to really see.


    There's a great piece on laying out your underlying form on this site. It really helped with my dynamic! I've also found drawing circles where joints should be, really useful. You have real strength and conviction in your line which is awesome!!


    I agree with what others have said about underdrawing -- and since mentions were made of our resources on this topic, I thought I'd drop a link to one of them ;)


    That tutorial focuses heavily on how to do focused practice on seeing and using a line of action.


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