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    We've gotten reports that a minority of people are experiencing an error where the timer suddenly goes too fast, turning 30 seconds poses into 10 second poses.

    So far, I haven't been able to reproduce this error, which means it's nearly impossible to track down and fix. So I'm calling for more help from our community! If you've seen this error, I'm very hopeful you can help me narrow down how to recreate the bug and thus solve it, by answering the following questions for me:

    1. What kind of computer or device do you use?
    2. What browser do you use?
    3. Do you use an browser plugins or extensions? If so, which ones?
    4. Does the problem happen every time, or only sometimes? What actions do you take before it seems to start, if any? For example, maybe you skipped an image or unpaused just before seeing this error happen?

    Thanks for any insights you can provide! :)

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    Hi Kim!

    Thank you for looking into this! I get this problem a lot - nearly every day (I use this site a lot, it's fantastic!). It is hard to 100% say what triggers it for me but last time I avoided pausing the class and didn't have any problems.

    1) I'm using an Acer laptop
    2) Google Chrome
    3) None
    4) I have yet to test this theory, but it seems to happen after I pause a class and (while paused) press back to the previous picture, then forward again to reset the timer. I do this a lot to avoid missing out on time during fast sketches if I need to change paper or something, so this might be why I get the problem a lot. It doesn't just happen for 30 second drawings for me, it can happen to any length of time.

    I also often have the system bug out on me while it's paused, the play button flashes at me and when I try to unpause it the timer shows NA-NA-NA or something like that. This usually happens if I go to another window or tab while it's paused and come back to it. I then have to restart the class to get it to work again. I don't know if it's related but there ya go :)

    I hope this helps!

    Thank you :)


    Thank you, this is VERY helpful!


    Releasing a patch regarding the "too fast timer"... fingers crossed! Please let me know if this performs better for you tomorrow.

    Still looking at the NaN:NaN bug you also mentioned (I'm pretty sure this is what the NA-NA-NA you referred to was.) :)


    Hi Kim!

    I haven't had any issues the last few times I've used it, so looks like it might be fixed! Thank you so much! Yes that's what I meant by the NA bug - I couldn't remember exactly what it was you got get what I mean haha.

    Thanks again for your hard work!


    That is thrilling to hear! So far I'm not seeing NaN:NaN anymore since that patch, but I'll keep my eyes and ears open. :)

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