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    I've been practicing gesture daily since the last time I posted (about 2 weeks ago). Any advice is appreciated :)

    I wrote how long I took for the poses on the relative page: https://imgur.com/a/sLJ7KGv

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    Hi Johnny!
    Nice to see you again, I would like to begin with a small tip, for the photos try to look for a better spot because with the color of the pencil plus the light you can barely see the gesture drawings.

    I would suggest trying and practice form and balance.
    When developing a gesture drawing, it is important to be aware that you are describing the eight parts of the body

    - Head - Pelvis
    - Spine - Ribcage
    - Arms - Legs

    The essential elements you will describe using these eight parts include a sense of story and composition. Giving the pose a '' Sense of story '' means communicating a unique sense of positioning or attitude. Every person has a specific way of holding himself or herself when moving.
    By exaggerating the ''Story,'' you give your viewer a compelling image to experience. When creating a gesture drawing, this involves developing your figures proportions and giving your figure a sense of balance and weight.

    Keep practicing Johnny! you doing good!

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