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    Hi there,

    These days my friend told me about this site, and I found this is awesome and I can improve my skill here. I'm drawing like every day, so I post my drawing. I want to be an artist, so wish your critique.

    I welcome any feedback.

    Thank you,


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    Have you tried the tutorial yet? I can see you’re using class mode, that’s definitely a good idea. And you’re trying to include hands and feet, also good.

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    Hi Torrilin,

    Thank you for your comment!

    Do you mean improving technique on this site? I'm glad I'm on the right way :)

    This is what I've done today. I didn't include other 30 secs, 1 mins nor some, because these were terrible :/



    It's difficult to draw quickly! Today's drawing :


    Next question: in the drawing you’re doing each day, can you find things you think you did right?


    Hi Torrilin,

    I found the tutorial page today! ? I did it for the first time, and I'll do tomorrow too.

    At some point, I find I did right, but basically, my lines are ambiguous. Maybe if I use a pen, it'll be more clear. For instance, about today's 10 min woman, her left leg is obscure. Mainly about 5 min man, his shoulder and legs are hard to be understood. I tend to focus on details too much!! That's why it takes too much time for me to draw.


    Not the wrong parts, we all have loads of those.

    A big part of how we make progress is finding the parts that are right and good. If you can’t see even a line you like, it’s a bit hard to do better. If you’re sure everything is wrong, maybe try picking out the best one out of each time group? It doesn’t have to be good, just better than the other ones.

    And finding the tutorial is great. I think it’s a very helpful starting point. And it’s worth reviewing basic ideas every year or so, to see if there’s anything new you can apply.


    Hi Torrilin,

    This is today's drawing :

    I showed which line I like with purple lines. Still not perfect, but I try to increase these lines much more :)

    Yeah, the tutorial and articles are so useful. I'm trying to set the goal everyday.

    Thank you!


    Today's :


    My croquis note came to the last page, so I used my tablet today.



    These days I set my goal to 'draw in confident and fewer lines quickly'.

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    Today's drawing :

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