my day 2 5 min gesture and robo bean

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    this is my second practice with many

    can you can tell me what wrong and any solution , thank you

    it seem i got hard time with 5 min gesture , i feels like hard to creat a gesture from i guess.

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    Your figure drawings are impressive and show that you understand a lot of concepts. I noticed that in about half of the drawings it seems that you are just using a contour line and not necessarily thinking about what is underneath. Even just gesturally drawing the ribcage and the hips and their angle within the pose can lend a lot of believability to your poses. Dont be afraid to push your poses more too, in the 4th page the gestures are particularly strong with your use of fluid line and capturing the gesture not the figure. Those two figures in particular are stunning. I would say that overall you have a decent understanding of the form and leaning into the gesture of the person and thinking about what is underneath the silhouette will help your work improve. Beautiful work overall!

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    The main thing I want you to notice is the boobs and how the body flows. Your image may have looked similar to the source image, but take your creative image and add it to that! Say to yourself,"HMMM I think this pose could use more of this!". Also try not to linger on the body itself and look at it more like bulding blocks. You are just a child trying to build a lil house, but which block should go where? What looks better? The more you let your creative outlet flow the better you'll understand how certain things connect. I mean heck look at your own body in the mirror and take some notes of how things go together. For instance how a womans hips are wider than a males or how woman have a gap between their thighs. Take notice of the hourglass shaped body and the slender parts. Everything adds up!

    Im probably making no sense lol, but heres a lil video I like to watch from time to time whenever I stray from my path. Helps me remember that everything can be constructed lol.


    best of luck!! Keep this up and you'll be amazing in no time



    You are off to a great start. I especially like your understanding of the third dimension, good for you. Practice, fast and slow, is the only way to improve. Have you ever tried contour drawing? A famous teacher, Kaimon Nicolaides, wrote a book called The Natural Way to Draw. if you can get it and practice his many exercises, you will see yourself make progress.


    Try drawing the woman with different shapes, let's say that the man is a square, so the woman would be the triangle. The man is top notch!

    For the woman I would also try to make the lines more organic and flowy, let her move freely.

    Great work!


    Most nicer job on your 5 minute gestures and other gestures, zaex321123, though you're recently having a hard challenge with them. They're almost all of those sketches are very, so much impressive from the art teacher's viewpoint. However, if I were to give you my most smallest than smallest advice for you it would be this: Do you ever the real second image with the female figure drawing form the lower-leftmost part of the screen, it looks at littler bit peggy. The reason why is, so that if you got out another life pose in 299 seconds, (4 minutes and 59 seconds) you're most minorest problem will be very much fixed up entirely. I hope and pray that this has been extremely and insanely paramount priority.

    Polyvios Animations

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