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    I was wondering whether you guys have plans to create an app version of this for Android and iphone? I know it wouldn't just be possible off the bat and money would obviously need raising. I'd be willing to donate, or a donation bar similar to the one at the bottom would be good.

    This site is now going to be used heavily for me, it's extremely useful. Cheers.

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    Hi there! yes, this is definitely something that I want to do. However, because all the images have been generously contributed by photographers, I am prevented by a horrid snarl of copyright and licensing issues from moving to other format s at the moment. That's why I want so badly to start raising the money to hire our own models -- the first project would be creating the hands/feet/faces problem areas practice tool, using photos I have the full rights to so I could offer the tool in multiple formats whenever I had time to develop/funds to get help creating them. But if that proves successful I want to go back and start getting our own database of images, with models we hire, so that I can do the full range of anatomy tools in alternate formats minus the licensing issues we are swimming in now.

    I wrote a lot about this plan in the "support us" page. You can find a lot of details about the barriers and how I hope to overcome them on that page.


    Hi there. The website seems to work OK on my phone and tablet. The image placement and sizing isn't ideal, but I think it would be not hard to improve on. Also I think that if you don't actually build an app, but made the website so that it was mobile friendly you'd still be within your image usage rights.  Plus it would save you from having to build another java app. I hope this suggestion helps. Cheers! (ps the new site overhaul looks great)


    I may well try that too, Manns. Thanks for your feedback!


    It's been years since this topic started, but I would like to add that I also think that still it would be a great tool!


    This has become much more likely this year than it was all those years ago :)


    Yeah, I think this idea would be greater, too.

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