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    I recently picked up digital drawing with my wacom tablet.
    I stumbled upon gesture drawing and I absolutely understand the importance of it so I am practicing this right now. I really like the value of this site so I thought I'd send in my sketches of last night for some feedback.


    Here is the link : sketches

    PS. Is this the best way to show the sketches? with a link?

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    Hey Kurt, for someone who has just picked up digital it’s lookin good. But I can’t really critique properly if I don’t know the time interval you had. All I can say is that I feel you have to work on showing form and direction. Have you tried capturing the gestures with simple shapes? I’ll do a draw over when I get home, visiting parents for the week so stuck on my mobile 😞


    Hi Kurt, in my opinion these look good :)

    I think you may pay more attention to the arms and legs, in some poses they seem a little out of proportion. Also don't forget the wrists. If you struggle a bit with the hands, try to sketch them with less details: for example, I read a book in which the author drew an oval for the entire hand, added the thumb and only detailed the finger he consider most important for the gesture. You can do the same with the feet.

    Keep looking at the figures as a whole and don't get lost into details, unless you have time and an accurate sketch. If you do a lot of details but your drawing is anatomically wrong, it will look weird.
    Hope this help you :)


    Thank you Nsw,

    looking forward to your drawings for comparing.
    I think I must indeed simply and reduce the qty of lines.


    Hey wk28,
    I took my time to make the sketches. I must indeed improve a lot in proportions... I guess going longer makes it more easy and realistic?.


    Having more time allows you to refine your work, the shorter poses are useful to catch what you consider essential. Personally I feel more confortable with 5-10 minutes poses cause I can do lots of details and the drawing looks better (... and sometimes I need to see that I am capable of draw something "beautiful"; it gives me more confidence on my skills), but I think you can make something realistic without so much details, so maybe it depends more on proportions and a correct construction of the figure.
    So answering your question, I am more likely to say yes, but it could be harder or frustrating if you don't know what to detail or how.


    Hey Kurt, I'm happy that you are doing gesture drawings, these type of drawing help a lot in your artistic grow.
    My feedback is about the process that I think you are using, the gesture drawing is about the movement and the message that you want to communicate, Im seeing a lot of contours, the contour of the arm, the contour of the clothes. The contours are great for copy, but to communicate movement isnt a very good medium, I recommend you to search for "Glenn Vilppu" on youtube, see the process that this guy use, he focus on lines that describe the movement. Sorry for the mistakes in my english, Im a brazillian student.

    Keep the good work, I am anxious to see your progress and more studies like these of you in the forum.


    Hey Kurt, I'm back at the drawing board and have thrown together what I think I would've liked to hear when I first started drawing. Hope you find my scribblings useful! Good night!


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