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    Hey everyone, this is just a quick before bed gesture session. I took a several month hiatus from art because I needed to figure some stuff out. These are my first gesture drawings in months. Honestly was a bit impressed, but can't be content. Gotta keep practicing. Gestures

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    Good morning, Tanner, and welcome to Line of Action. I'm Poly, and how are you doing today?

    Nicer job on your looser lines of action and rhythm on your figure drawings. But, I'm taking too much issue on the hairier and rigider lines yet. How would you like to please try out our interactive drawing tutorial HERE?

    The logic is as a result, your gesture drawings will become more looser but free-er but therefore observant for your myelins, or muscle memories.

    For more details, look into this one video 👇.


    Please take these with a grain of salt.


    Hey poly, thanks for the feedback! Genuinely means a lot how much valuable advice you give. Definitely need to fix my gestures up a bit and stop with hairy straggly lines. I'll watch the video when I get around to it and post a follow up after more practice.


    That's nice video.


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