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    Hello! My name is Donnie. I'm 19 years old. I was thinking about creating a discord chat to make new friends! I don't want to create a big server. There will be 8 or 10 people. I am a beginner comic artist who would like to share my art with friends :) And if you also want to share your art or discuss different topics, then I'm all for it! Even if there are only one or two people on this forum, I will be happy to create a server with you!

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    Hello, I would be interested in joining the Discord server to make new friends as well!


    Sure I would like to join also.


    Id love to join!


    I'd love to join! 😀


    I would join it, it seems like a good idea!


    I was looking for something like this!i'd love to join


    suuure i wanna be in there, share the link please


    I'd love to join!


    hello, I would love to join!


    Hi, I would also love to join!


    Hello, I've created this one, join



    Update: I didn't notice, but the person before me had already managed to create a Discord server. You can find the link before this post. I think we can go there too, because there is no difference. Hope to see you soon :)

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