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    Hello. These are some of my 2-minute gestures, I'm wondering if there were any mistakes I should be avoiding or tips to make my gestures stronger :)


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    Nicest job on your range of the lightest and loosest lines of action and rhythm, hey_amine. Very greatest job indeed. Yet still, I'm not totally getting enough of the loosest and lightest lines of action yet in terms of forces, spaces and forms. How would like to free up your dominant hand with 1 hour of 1 minute 55 second quickest pose sketches? (3600s/115s=about 31 quickest and loosest line poses)

    115 x 3=345 360-345=15 150-115=32

    The explanation behind this littlest bit of critique is as a result, your lines will become the most lightest and loosest in your shapes and spaces and forms, which could and would be your next goal, then bring it on. For even most inspiration, please look into the Bridgman Life Drawing book online at Amazon here.

    My hat's off to you, and may this have been totally helpful and practical.


    These are some great gesture drawings! Very smooth confident lines and its clear you are taking your time and trying to make it right. Its is better to draw slow and correct than fast and wrong, so thats a compliment. I can't think of anything obvious to do with your gestures other than either going the next step and trying to incorporate volume, shortening the time, so that you are forced to work quicker, or just simply try pushing your forms even more, exaggerating the poses so that while they may not match exactly what you think is on the screen, the subject still have the same motion. These are three different directions you can develope, don't try to do all three at the same time.

    One thing you can definitely do is use more paper, with lots of space. Make sure each figure has plenty of room, when you squish them together, you unconsciously squish parts of the body to fit the page or the empty space between limbs. Paper is cheap!

    Really dope looking gestures! Im really jealous with how much they look like stuff you'd see in an art book!


    I don't see any systematic mistakes, that you could specifically avoid. You are focusing on powerful lines and simple forms. This should be the best way to train your pen and all the squishy matter that holds it to produce aesthetical depictions of the human figure. GJ, keep on practising.


    Your figure drawing is exactly what the site intended, so if you want to add more, shading and anatomy studies are an other beast entirely.

    This being said, my exercises fail to achieve that objective: my lines are messy and loose; i don't get the simplification of the shapes of the reference... I basically suck at making progress. So, i want to ask you some tips on how to achieve that quality in your studies.

    i know in this case you are supposed to get more of a feedback, but in your case you are doing a phenomenal job that to me seems quite evident you already understand the subject well.

    Thanks for the time you spent reading this and I wait for your answer.



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