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    I couldn't do 87 minutes worth of 30 sec drawings. They just keep going faster and faster. All I can show for now is 35 minutes worth. It all looks like a scribbling mess...like a mad man. Comments, advice, suggestions are welcome. Stay frosty friends.

    Images: https://imgur.com/a/u48uWjp

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    These are looking good. One thing I notice is that your approach for many of these is what I think of as "outline style," where you are more or less drawing the outline of the figure. Try drawing 'through' the figure (like armature) and hanging the volumes off of that central stroke. Most importantly, keep trying new things and have fun!


    Would you please don't beat yourself up, dilandoubishop?

    I've looked at your half of your current batch, and I feel that you're making fantastic progress, if you really want to be a story sketch artist and/or character animator, if that's your goal. I think that you're doing just as finest, thus far. My advice is to keep it up. Keep it up by taking your 14 minute break, then finish off the practice session-not drill--- by working 52 minutes of 30 second attitudes, working exclusively standing up with your shoulder, rather than your wrist. Would, and could you please go with this challenge?

    The reason why???? Because, don't worry about getting 87 minutes of warm-ups in one day. It's okay. And furthermore, it could help you not think about the forms and details, but through the forces- for example, if you quickly sketch out a model running, you can really see it in that sketch. Peace out, and I hope you've found this helpful, concrete, and totally favorable.


    Here are some various drawings from 1 hour class session here on line-of-action. The first couple were probably a few min drawings that I couldn't post earlier. The last one is from a recent session that was 25 minutes.

    I personally want to be a concept artist for characters. Or comics. Hell, maybe I'll try and get back into video game design. But I feel as though my skills aren't up to par. That and I feel old. But we'll see how far I can get.

    Images: https://imgur.com/a/rWxjgPQ


    Remember that whatever you think about yourself is true. A self fulfilling prophecy is a powerful thing. If you think you're past the point of pursuing your dreams of becoming a concept artist, the only one enforcing that point is yourself. These are some wonderfully expressive drawings and I like that with several of them you can get a sense of where the character is looking regardless of face detail or guidelines drawn in. I'd like to second the opinion of creating an armature of sorts within the figure. I believe it's important to have a solid foundation of what's happening within the body. Sometimes I do longer studies with a single drawing, doing the figure drawing, doing a new layer for muscles, and a new layer for the skeleton to really understand how the body is moving. I think you have a good sense of proportion even with your 30 second drawings. Keep up the great work and don't give up on your dreams. The future is what you make of it :)


    Missed one of my daily practices because of sword fencing and other distractions. For this image I wanted to focus on anatomy and skeletal structure. I am very rusty and I'd forgotten most of the leg anatomy. Still I have problems with hips and ribcage. See ya on the next post.

    Image: https://imgur.com/GikK1Ne


    Gotta keep the habit going. Nothing profound, just a 25 min drawing from a 1 hour class mode from line-of-action. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Stay frosty, I gotta do longer studies on anatomy this time around.

    Image: https://imgur.com/CCxdf9E


    Hi! Gesture drawing should not be a stress factor, it should be submersive, almost meditative. That's why it's good to do it on cheap paper and not care to much. If you feel stress it's probably because you are trying to capture the whole pose in that little time. Try and drop all details and only capture which way the head is turned and then just two or three big sweeping lines that represents the main flow or motoin of the pose - the gesture, nothing more. Also, it looks like you are drawing on a drawing pad. Try whatever paper (newsprint/cheap kind is best for gesture drawing) and a soft (6B or 8B) lead pencil, that is how you get good at line weight and learn how to make sketch lines, statement lines and shading.


    Dear Ai Neander, thanks for the reply. I will keep that in mind. I will try and get back at doing it properly.

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    Dear Polyvios, I haven't forgotten your advice and comments so far. I have a lot on my plate when it comes to studying to be a better artist at the moment. I'll post something if I can. I am sorta limited to small paper and running out.


    Dear Jaimee, thank you for your comment and suggestions. Well, We'll see how things will turn out in the future then. Till next time.


    I think the way to explain it is that the OP is focsing on the wrong thing when it comes to gesture drawings, he's focused on the forms/negative space rather than the gesture itself. Proko did a great video on this.


    I think the way to explain it is that the OP is focsing on the wrong thing when it comes to gesture drawings, he's focused on the forms/negative space rather than the gesture itself. Proko did a great video on this.


    Dear Thestripper, Thank you for the reply and suggestions. I'm sorta getting the hang of it, but its been awhile. I am sorta limited in my supplies and I am drawing on small paper at the moment. I'll have to compensate digitally or get cheap newsprint later.


    A soft lead pencil will set you back about $1. and then get some cheap paper. Newsprint is cheap but if you are really tight for cash you could even go to the food store and buy a roll of food wrapping paper. That will also be about $1 and it's usually around 25 yards long. Another way to get some cheap paper (yes I have done this...) Is to go to the food store where they usually have this wrapping paper for flowers or meat packaging lying around. That is newsprint paper and they are usually big! Buy something cheap and then roll it up in a thick layers of wrapping paper, viola.


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