Figure and hand gesture critique please

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    Advice and feedback please. Figures are all 10 min, Hand gestures vary from 3 to 5 min.

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    Hello! Nice sketches, good job.

    I will give critique and advice on the figure drawings. First off - be careful to study the image and really draw what you see, not what you know. Look for the main lines and shapes and start there. One of your sketches is of the same model I drew just the other day so I tried to make a sketch to break down how I worked with it!

    When working on this piece, I started by drawing the head, and then the long red line that goes from her head to the tip of her heel as a long curved line. This is the main "line of action" in the image. By making this line first, you get more flow basing around it. Next, notice how most of her body fit into almost a box shape? Sketch that out! It helps a ton when trying to figure out where different limbs goes in relation to one another.

    I see that you're using the circles on a stick figure method - which is helpful, but makes it easy to miss the real shape of the limbs. In this casem note how the arms and hands are built of triangles and rectangles. Don't worry about drawing sharp edges - you soften it up when you go over the image. Focus on drawing big shapes before details, pretty much! Such as the big cicle that makes up the chest.

    You have a good start going for you, but I believe if you practice some more quick sketches to force your eye to stare at the big picture (ie, 30 sek and 1 minute ones, I know, it's hard, but it's worth it) to really soften up the pose, your wrist, and make it look more lifelike.

    I hope this gave you some insight! It's a little bit hard to convey over text. :)

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    Nice sketches you've banged out so far, Sapphire.

    If I was to ask you a question, it will be, what is your current goal? The reason why I'd ask you this is because, we all would need to know what you're recently working on in any given assignment.

    Well, thanks for the work, peace out, and stay safer.

    Polyvios Animations

    PS. Hope it's been an extremely helpful question.


    Good job

    You draw the dimensions well. I advise you to focus on studying the muscles deeply and you will get better


    The torso proportions are a bit off. Something that's helped me is remembering the following diagram

    So if I start with the head then I know roughly what size the chest and hips would be. Also using a pillow or square shape to capture roughly where the chest is and a triangle for the hips help with angles.

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    You did well about getting the essence of the poses. That's a great start. Nice start on the hands. Start studying anatomy - muscle and bone structure. Practice drawing both so when you see something on a figure you will know what it is. There is a lot on the internet free. Keep practicing with models provided by Line of Action and you can also use On Air Video.

    Remember: Practice makes better! So, practice, practice, practice some more and you will see that you will improve.


    Quick note to say thank you for the information. Really helpful and encouraging. My main focus is the figure drawings, followed closely by hands so with I really appreciate the feedbacks and tips. :)


    Just trying to help. Whatever you do, remember practice, practice & then practice some more.

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    Taima's breakdown of the boxes is a huge thing to focus on. I think of them like "anchors", solid pieces that move in relation to each other. A circle for the head, a core line Spine, a box for the Ribs, and a triangular Pelvis.

    You dont need to understand their EXACT shape, but knowing how to shape them out will help you be able to get the core of a pose down very easily, and then can use ball-sticks to work on filling out the limbs

    The key to drawing bodies is to understand what bends and what doesn't, and using that to break up the body nice and easy blocks that all fit together.

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