First times figure drawing, need critique!

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    Hi, I've been drawing for a bit but just started taking figure drawings seriously recently for the past week, I'd love any critique on all my drawings, I did 30 sec, 1 min, 5 min, and 10 min. I'm having trouble putting details especially for the longer drawings because I'm afraid of messing them up lol. I also feel like everything is somewhat stiff, so any tips and critique are appreciated, thanks!

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    I don't see stiffness. The gesture looks natural and the line has a nice variation. What if you forget the clock and draw the hands and the face more accurate. It makes the whole drawing different.


    For someone who only recently took figure drawing seriously, you've made a great start! However, some of your art is a bit hard to make out. With the shorter timed figure drawing its better to start with primitives. Start with drawing the figure in simple shapes( ovals, rectangles, squares etc.) And ten work your details in from there


    I would try to reduce the bundles of lines you are currently using to single lines. This will lead in the beginning to less satisfactory results, as it means, that you have to learn to live with mistakes in your drawing. Your goal can't be a single perfect drawing right now, but a constant stream of drawings, that gradually improve with experience. Getting used to clear bold lines early on saves you from having to relearn your technique later on.

    Also Misterglitch advice is really valuable, learn to ignore details, and try to see and use big geometric shapes.

    Also, start each drawing by looking for relation and proportion of skull, ribcage and hip. These three masses determine the shape of the torso, and are key to natural poses. Drill it into your habits to always prioritize them right from the start.


    Hi All, thanks for your advice. I will keep everything in mind going forward I appreciate it very much :)


    You have made some excellent starts.


    Well, natcas0, I do say that I really feel like you know where you're going with this, in terms of your figurative drawings. I love how much of a range of motion and movement in your attitudes.

    Say, getting onto your case, I don't think that any of your poses are too stiffer, and I really feel like you're right about every pose being a bit too stiff. Because, that's the way we get started in your gesture drawing exercise. Would you please go right ahead with out interactive drawing tutorial here in Line of Action? The reason is as a result, by just starting out with the quickest line of action exercises at the very beginning, but soon ending with the longest and careful quick studies with as long as 5 minutes. Practice makes progress. Progress makes myelin. And now, here's the newest video for you to be inspired by.

    Hope you've found this video and advice definitely and absolutely useful, helpful and informative.


    Try to remember you are not trying to create a masterpiece here, although you may feel that some of these sketches over the next few weeks are the best you ever did. The more you practise, the easier you will be able to repeat the same awesome pieces over and over again, and better each time. Spend a little time focussing on hands, feet and faces so you have a better understanding of them and you will see the difference in your quick sketches too


    Hey man, tryng using less "lines" to draw the same one, like try using only 3 moves instead of 6, it will help to get a more clean drawing and a more accurate one too, gesture is about beeing precise , but using too many lines to define the same motion sometimes is us cheating ourselves so make it look better. Something that usually works is "ghosting" the line before actualy puting the pencil in the paper to do the line.
    Drawings look very nice! focus a bit more in the 30 secs, use less lines for the same things, cheers!


    The flow in your sketches and your ability to very quickly mimic the proportions and anatomy in the image are remarkable. They are not as stiff as you think they are, but if that's something you're really worried about i would recommend slightly exaggerating the poses and limiting your use of straight lines, only using them when absolutely necessary (which is rare, the human body being made up of organic shapes and curves). I also agree with aunt herberts suggestion in trying to not draw over the same lines multiple times, making small tweaks, and trying instead to use more clear bold single lines, even if it looks worse at first. This will help in the long run. In your shorter sketches, try not to worry about details and instead block out the figure in simple shapes and lines, you can add more details afterwards if you have extra time.

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