Gesture drawing practice - Day 3

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    Some friends recommended I wach Proko's videos online and then use the tools here to try to apply what I learn. This is my first exercise doing that.

    Again, I would appreciate any pointers or suggestions to help me improve.


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    These sketches don't quite catch the motion yet but just go ahead and make like a dozens of those and you will get it down. I finished a whole stack of paper of poses before I really got it. I'm still far away from perfect tho haha


    Yessir! I'll go ahead and do that. Thank you!


    This is a really good beginning : )!

    I am sort of at this stage my self, and I am working on pushing and twisting forms to get a feeling of motion : ) it is ok if you sketch is more dynamic than the image it is done from : )

    I also do "100 projects" - I don't know if it will work for you, but as Thesavage says you need to do a lot of practice, and personally I need to give myself homework and goals in order to get stuff done : )

    good luck : D


    Whoaaaa Iokken, I sw your blog and your croquis are gorgeous!! :D


    I didn't see this till now : O thank you Bookworm, that means more than you probably think : D


    i am also a beginner, and has been doing gesture for long.. i realized while doing the gesture
    it would be great if you dont left you pen, feel the motion of the gesture and keep it as simple as you can also connect the lines with rhythms.. doing it gave me more and more inspiration to continue.. :)
    hope it helps.. i am also in processes of learning

    have fun


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