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    Hey everyone! I'm mildly new to this site and am hoping to gain some more knowledge on art as a whole. I've been on the hunt for a forum that can help me with learning to draw living forms, and building a mental library of such, and I think I found it here :))

    Here are some gestures I worked on today, I apologize for the quality of the photo, I do gestures on large newsprint sheets. If I keep uploading I'll try to lay the pages out under a unified light source or something the like to make them look better :0

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    Hey everyone! More gestures today, was able to tape the big sheets to the wall and take better pictures, also feel like I'm getting a hang on gestures again :D


    hey Niosh! your drawings look alive and fluid, i'd love to see more. Do you prefer shorter or longer time intervals for one figure?


    Thanks for the comment Mary! I really enjoy 1-2 minute gestures, but I'm trying to learn how to stretch time and center focus on much longer gestures, its definitely tough work! :)


    Oh, it'd be nice to see more of your sketches, long and short. Your drawings are very expressive!


    Thank you Mary! :D

    Hey guys! Had a bit of a crazy week last week, but I'm back home and ready to keep uploading :) Today I worked with some charcoal pencils and did some 30 second to 5 minute figures. For the 5 minute ones, I went with what I would usually call more difficult poses. I wanted to challenge my focus, as that is usually the decider on how well my gestures come out. I feel like they went really well! Let me know what you think!

    I also have a figure study I'm working on. I'm taking process shots to upload where I've experimented with different techniques and etc :)


    hey Niosh! great sketches there! Funny thing is that the ones you did for 30sec are pretty difficult as well =) Anyway, both 30 and 5 min drawings have that feeling of a live human body, the softness and flexibility,it's just great. and you did the foreshortening so cool! Can't wait to see more of your art.


    @Marymary thanks so much! your comments brighten my day :)

    Got these figure study process shots uploaded! :D

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