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    This isn't everything I've done, but some things I've done in the past. Some aren't as good as others, and some are super old and some I've spent more time on. If someone would take any of their very precious time to look through any of these, I'd greatly, greatly, greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance! :)

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    Hello : ) I can see on your previous stuff that you've drawn from life, and thats good. But it seems to cause stiffness in drawings when you use your imagination. You are already on the right path really, keep doing gesture drawings on here. If you give yourself a short amount of time to get a pose down you'll use fewer lines to get the gesture, and get more fluid : )

    I suggest you do it everyday or at least a few times a week, it doesnt have to be hourlong sessions, you can do the half an hour class if you want. Just try and experiment and see what makes poses feel alive and fluid. Don't focus on how the model actually looks, only what the "energy" of the pose is.

    Draw draw everyday, and for you, I think drawing from your imagination to train that part of you up is a good idea, cos from your studies I can see you are good at capturing what is in front of you, the next hard bit is implementing it in your art : ) this guy: https://www.youtube.com/user/Sycra
    has tons of videos explaining things : )

    hope this helps : D


    Thanks for the response! I really appreciate it :) I'm going to look into Sycra's youtube videos so thanks for that as well :)

    I have some examples of poses I thought up off the top of my head from more recent times that I want to get back to you on to see what you think. If they are at least slightly better, I'm going to focus on my imagination training! Because I think I need that as well definitely.

    thanks again

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