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    Hey everyone,

    In a post I made on here roughly 7 months ago I said how frustrated I was by my lack of drawing ability.

    Following the advice of some good friends, I then took a 2 week hiatus from drawing altogether. After that, I returned with the intention of drawing more often purely for fun. That was 6 months ago and in the meantime I have picked up figure drawing again, this time with a healthy spirit.

    Under the link below are some 30-60 second gestures. I would like to improve, so I'm looking forward to hearing critiques ^^


    Thank you for the answer JCML, I'll make sure to try that exercise


    Thank you for your asnwer!

    I've drawn 10-minute ones before. Just with this particular one, I felt like I was done after eight minutes; in other words: I didn't know what to spend the remaining two minutes on. I think the model was wearing some latex suit that irritated me, but well

    Alright, I'll take a look at that


    Thank you for your answer! The English is fine to understand

    I think the reason I don't do those long strokes with my whole arm is because I thought it'd be possible to make the drawing work without them. But I'll try doing them for a bit and see how it goes, thank you for the advice. Also gonna check some of those resources

    I definitely wish to stay away from "scientific anatomy" tho; I saw some classes on the human body by e.g. S. Hampton but they didn't help a lot. I don't understand how knowing the complicated names and locations of all these muscles should help me draw them


    Hey, so I started drawing figures using line of action probably 4 months ago. However I never shared my work since I felt I'd like to reach a point at which I at least kinda like my figure drawing.

    Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet and in all honesty I feel pretty frustrated seeing complete beginners draw better than I do. So I can see that by never asking for critique I probably won't get any better. Thus I randomly chose 3 pages of my drawings and scanned them (sorry for the weird quality, I rarely do stuff digitally). The 5/8 minute ones are labeled, the others are all either 30 or 60 seconds.

    Thank you for your advice!