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    This is the sketchbook I mentioned in my other post here. The first section of the sketchbook is miscellaneous things including character design and drawings of my and my friends's pets. Where it is marked 4/12/20, I started doing drawings using Line of Action. The first page is cats, followed by human figures, first clothed and then nude. All were drawn in 2-3 minutes. The next day (starting where marked 4/13/20), I started with hands (2-3 minutes), and then did quicker full body drawings (1 minute).

    Any and all critique of either specifics or my technique in general would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Eeveecat1248,

    First, CONGRATULATIONS ON FINISHING YOUR SKETCHBOOK! I am sure it is the only the beginning of many to come. With that, I also want to commend you for doing it in such a short period of time. If I read your comments correctly, you have done this in a matter of days. This means to me you are very driven to reach the goal of becoming a great artist. Please, keep it up!

    Now, to the book. I noticed during the early part of the book, what you called "miscellaneous things", I saw a lot of creativity with characterisation and costumes along with free flowing expression and gesture; with your characters and your animal art. It's obvious, you love cats! Here, you should spend more time. I would like to see more of this.

    Where I saw issues was when you get to the drawings from the website and it is here that I have hopefully, useful advice. Your drawings became surprisingly stiff and rigid and it appeared to me as if you were trying to follow a formula and it's where i think you should change your approach. You already have good ideas about gesture based on the earlier part of the book. This website is called "Line of Action" for a reason. It is to help artists to become free and more expressive when dealing with gesture when drawing figures, hands, faces, animals, etc. So when doing the drawings from the site, let it rip! You are already loaded with enthusiasm. Let's see all of that in your artwork! Hope this helps.

    I look forward to your next sketchbooks!


    Thank you! This is the first time I've finished a sketchbook this fast, so it was certainly an experience. Thank you so much for your advice! The stiffness might have come from the self imposed pressure of trying to get it 'right'. Thanks for the reminder that art is about energy!

    Also, thank you so much or your kind words! I am still a beginner artist, so it means a lot to hear good things!


    you're welcome. I look forward to your next sketchbook. you're on track! keep moving!


    Congrats on finishing your first sketchbook! Heres to the first of many :)

    Your cat drawings are awesome, super cute and energetic, keep those up!

    As for critique, Leo said it better than I could've for the most part, but if you're looking for more specifics on how to keep it loose I would strongly reccomend prokos videos on gesture drawing. His "Step by Step" one in particular helped me significantly in keeping loose and to capture what I feel rather than what I'm literally seeing. Excellent excellent resource!


    lool up michael mattesi. he has a good technique as far as movement and making his characters animated. you're drauings are good. i suggest drawing people more as it is very challenging. animals are fun but drawing people will teach you so much more. dont draw your limbs as seperate straight pieces. forget bones, think of your characters as rubber, long swooping lines.


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