My turn for critique.

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    It wouldn't be fair to critique other people's drawings without allowing you guys the same. I started a tumblr so may as well link through there.

    The newest post is the best I feel I did this spring. I would LOVE to hear some brutal honesty. Hit me with some constructive criticism guys!

    Get more practice photos

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    So I'm just starting here, so maybe I'm not the best person to give feedback but these look awesome. Well proportioned and lively poses that really show motion. How long did these take?


    Thanks! Mostly 2 minute poses, some 1 minute if I didn't add clothing/drapery. I use 30 second to warm-up and stay loose and then try to get to solid 2 minute poses. These are some results.


    Excellent work, man. I followed you on Tumblr.


    Thanks! You got some great stuff too.

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